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  Skiing Safety  

1. Where will I be riding?
The core focus of our trips is off-piste free-riding. Therefore, the terrain you will be riding ranges from steep peaks and couloirs, mellow powder meadows to intense tree riding. We have it all – but mostly challenging terrain.

2. How good do I need to be to ride in Gumarg?
To completely take advantage of the terrain, powder and riding possibilities, we recommend that all clients be at Intermediate to Expert riding levels. However, if you are new to free-riding and have limited experience in powder we can also create a program for you, providing the rest of the group is either at or willing to ride at the same level as you. Beginners will follow our Beginner instruction program on the beginner slopes below the Gondola, and potentially progress to Phase 1 of the Gondola if our instructors deem them to be ready.

3. Do I have to be ready to wrestle a yak?
No. However, we do have yak wrestling competitions on a weekly basis. In generally, the fitter you are, the better. Although we understand that our clients typically have busy modern lives and careers, do take as much time as you can for cardio exercise and strength training, including core strength. This will make it far easier for you to ride and explore the terrain with your guide. Regardless, if you are not acclimatized to our altitudes you may find yourself out of breath more quickly than usual, which means that taking a short hike in the mountains may feel more like jogging or even sprinting. However, this all aids in acclimatization for the trip. A major bonus is that you will return home fitter and stronger than before – try going for a run back home and see for yourself.

4. Is safety equipment required? Will training be provided?
Yes. It is mandatory for all our off-piste backcountry riders to carry an avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe and appropriate backpack. We recommend using Black Diamond Avalung or ABS Backpacks. We will provide a safety briefing, train you in the use of this safety equipment and also issue any rental equipment. A helmet is always a good idea, as is appropriate riding hardware, accessories and clothing.

5. I don’t want to bring my own safety equipment, can I rent it?
Yes. You can rent all of your safety equipment from us. This will also free up your luggage allowance.

6. Who regulates our group size and group composition?
K-Line determines all group sizes and composition. To ensure your safety, K-Line has a number of rules regarding group size. All guided backcountry groups must be no larger than 7 and ideally no smaller than 3 (including your guide). On-piste groups can be more varied in size. For safety reasons, if you are travelling solo or as a pair, we reserve the right to pair you with our other guided groups.

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