Work on Gulmarg Gondola Project (Phase-I and Phase-II) was taken up for execution by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir through Department of Tourism in the year 1987 and the work for supply, erection, installation and commissioning was awarded to the French Company, namely, M/S Pomagalski of France In the year 1988, the Government of J&K established J&K State Cable Car Corporation under the Companies Act, 1956 with an authorized capital of Rs. 2500.00 lacs to pursue the following main objectives, as laid down in its Memorandum of Articles and Association:-


1. To establish run, manage and administer Ropeways and Cable Car Project at Gulmarg;
2. To establish and carry on the business of Cable Car at other Tourist resorts of the State of Jammu & Kashmir;
3. To develop necessary infrastructure and common facilities at different places in order to promote tourism in the State;
4. To establish, construct, lease out or acquire on its own Ropeways and Cable Cars at other tourist places;
5. To take over the running business of Gulmarg Cable Car Project at Gulmarg.

In pursuit of its objectives, the J&K State Cable Car Corporation took over the running business of the Gulmarg Gondola Project and the work on the project was going on till 1990. The French company abandoned the work on the project due to unprecedented situation in the State. However, due to long pursuit by the Government and the Corporation management, M/S Pomagalski of France resumed the work on the project in the year 1998 for completion of the Section-I of the project running from Gulmarg to Kongdoor. The Section-I of the project was put to commercial operation from May, 1998. After the commercial operation of the Gulmarg Gondola Project (Phase-I), the year-wise revenue earnings of the Corporation from the year 1998-99 are given as under:-

Yearly Revenue Earned
1998-99 Rs. 85.54 lacs
1999-2000 Rs. 115.16 lacs
2000-2001 Rs. 128.19 lacs
2001-02 Rs. 132.40 lacs
2002-03 Rs. 151.15 lacs
2003-04 Rs. 237.93 lacs
2004-05 Rs. 284.78 lacs
2005-06 Rs. 683.28 lacs
2006-07 Rs.676.00 lacs
2007-08 Rs. 835.00 lacs

After the commercial operation of Section-I of Gulmarg Gondola Project, it became a major tourist attraction in Gulmarg and as shall be seen from the above figures the revenue earnings went on increasing year after year.

Commissioning of Section-II of Gulmarg Gondola Project
(Running from Kongdoor to Apharwat at an altitude of 13400 ft,)

1) Electrical/Mechanical work
M/S Pomagalski S.A, France
2) Civil/Structural Work
M/S Age Constructions (P) Ltd.
3) Consultants
M/S RITES Ltd (A Govt. of India Undertaking) N Delhi
4) Project Engineer
Mr. B. Jamali, General Manager, JKSCCC

Due to the inclement weather conditions at Kangdoor/Apharwat, the project could not be completed on the scheduled date. The contractors and the management of the Corporation had to face lot of difficulties in completion of this prestigious project due to difficult terrain, heavy and early snow falls. However, due to joint efforts made by M/S Pomagalski, M/S Age Constructions (Indian Associates of Pomagalski), M/S RITES (Consultants) and the staff of the Cable Car corporation the project was completed in March, 2005. The trial runs, load test and other necessary electro mechanical tests were conducted by M/S Pomagalski of France in March, 2005 successfully. The project was dedicated to the nation by the Hon’ble Chief Minister, J&K on 28-05-2005. The commercial operation of Section-II was started from 28-05-2005 and after commercial operation of Section-II of the project, the revenue earnings have increased very much.

After the completion of Phase-II of the project, the Gulmarg Gondola Project has become one of the highest and largest ropeways in Asia having a total aerial distance of 5 kms. (approx.) and the Section-II is going to boost the winter tourism at Gulmarg . After the commercial operation of Section-II of Gulmarg Gondola Project, the Corporation is expecting to earn a revenue of Rs. 600 lacs to Rs. 700 lacs during the current financial year.

The type of system installed is detachable grip type in which the Gondolas move at a reduced speed for convenience of the passengers at the stations but the rope speed remains constant. A number of safety devices are an integral part of the system design to ensure absolute safety of passengers. The standard codes of practice such as OIATF, and other reputed regulations of other countries like France, Switzerland and Austria have been taken into consideration in the design and installation of the Gulmarg Gondola.

In 2011 JKSCCC completed the installation of the third phase ( Chair Lift ) which was inaugurated by Horn able Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on 17th of September 2011

Costing Rs 18 crore, the chairlift has been built by French firm Pomagalski in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir Cable Car Corporation (JKCCC).

The chairlifts is perfect for hosting national and international ski events in Gulmarg. Mary Shoulder emerged as technically feasible spot for holding professional ski events.

Chair Lift has 90 chairs each having capacity to accommodate four passengers. “Covering a distance of 1601 meters, the chair lift has been designed in such a way so that the skiers can travel with their gear including skies on, 1000 passengers can be ferried per hour at a fixed speed of 2.5meters per second. The ride can be completed in 11 minutes.
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